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Events: 2/21/94 09:00  	IS/IR/PC/BzN/EyC/BzS/HSS/SBC	8

Comments: Strong forward shock (FW) Interp Shock, with |B2|/|B1| = 3.7-4.,
	  |B2|->30nT, followed by a possible second IS near 10:20hs with a
	  sharp ram pressure rise from 4 to about 10 nanoPascals (nPa), and a 
	  jump to a HSS from a 500 Km/s bulk velocity V to a value larger than 800 Km/s,
	  followed after 12:00 by a PC with ram pressure reaching bw 24 and 30 nPa 
	  bw. noon and 13:00hs., BzN with Bz=|B|>20nT f. 18 to 20hs 
	  followed by EyC at 20hs with BzS and Bz/|B|~ -0.77, accompanied by a PC
	  associated to rarefaction np < 1 cm-3. With continuing HSS a SBC 
	  is observed near 11:00  2/22/94 together with a dip in |B| from 
	  near 13 to 5 nT and Bphi change from 270 to 90 Degrees. From 11:00  2/22/94
	  density stays around a 2 cm-3 and ram pressure bw 1 and 2 nPa. 
	  BzN on average from near 13:00 3/22/95 to the end of the day and 
	  from that time groundbase and geosynchronous S/Cs KPs indicate a low level 
	  of magnetospheric activity