Start time      End time        Category        S/C     
Event:	96148 1200    96151 0300      	IR      	W       

Comment: Event starts with the Magnitude of the IMF rising from 3 to above 8
 	 nT while its direction becomes strongly Southward, and a sharp EyC
	 occurs, at the same time the ram PC changes from 2 to 6 nPa. 

	 An hour or two later a PC from 6 to 2 nPa occurs.
	 This can be interpreted as the beginning of an IMC with BzS, 
	 while the Bphi value stabilized near 120Degs between 1500 (DOY 148)  
	 and approximately 0230 (DOY 150). The IMF turns to BzN near the start 
	 of DOY 149, and stays predominantly North until 1030 DOY 150. 

	 Extended periods of an IMF |B| ~ Bz is observed from 
	 0240 to 1020 (DOY 150) while the density becomes close 
	 to 35 cc-1, and reach values above 40 cc-1 bw 0800 and 0900 UT. 
	 During this period of BzN PCs from/and between 6 to/and above
	 10 nPa occur, while  from 0400 to 0700 UT, POLAR near its apogee 
	 registers unusual data in several experiments.